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ANIME AND MANGA RELATED LINKS - Galleries and sites I enjoy.

Anime-Beta - Anime-Beta is a discussion group of anime cel and sketch collectors.
RightStuf - Very good source for DVDs. They have the best sales, but sometimes you have to wait for them.
Tavicat - Two very great friends who are determined to survive in this difficult market, Riki and Tavisha Simons have a very clever webcomic about cats. Check it out!
Syan - Here is my con companion Syan's site. Her collection of Fushigi Yuugi rules supreme.
Anime Obsessed - My dearest Anime Obsessed has a stunning Inuyasha and Shounen Onmyouji collection, and a love for Durzo Blint I will never quite understand!
Cel Envy - My Bakugan buddy Duotrouble collects everything I like. We even dislike the same things, too!
Graymouser's Gallery - A beautiful gallery full of delightful treasures.
Anime and Manga Vocabulary - A nifty little guide to make you sound like an old pro.
Anime News Network - Great site to keep up with the latest in anime related news.
Shounen Onmyouji Assistance - Ever need help translating Masahiro's mantras? This site brings back all kinds of childhood memories for me. Namu Amida Butsu...

MY STUFF - Here are a few links relating to my life and hobbies outside of cel collecting.

Monkey Cam - My next travel destination, if the dollar would just get a tiny bit stronger! UPDATE: March 2013 - Made it to Nagano to see the wonderful snow monkeys at Jigokudani! Totally worth the trip out to see the little critters!

BALL JOINTED DOLLS - BJDs are definitely demon doll cousins of anime. In general, they are a little creepy and their delicate, but weighty strung bodies are not very cuddly. But, they are mesmerizing and oh so addictive. My first was a Volks Yo-SD Hina Ichigo (a character from Rozen Maiden - an anime about BJDs), and now I have a dozen Volks, Rosen Lied and Soom dolls.

Rosen Lied - Delicate and beautiful, Rosen Lied (Korean company) makes small Yo-SD sized dolls (10") that have the elaborate lace outfits and detailed faces. Their attention to fine quality dolls is just amazing.
Soom - A very expensive, most wonderful BJD company from Korea. Their dolls have amazing details and awesome costumes.
BJD Collectasy - A sort of one stop stop for all the latest in BJD news. Also has an extensive list of BJD companies.

SO YOU WANNA BE A MANGAKA? - In my spare time (usually between the "Red Eye" hours of midnight to two in the morning) I write, draw and practice painting - traditional Japanese art, manga, and even anime cels. Here are some sources for my passions!

Carpediem Store - A great source for Copic Markers and manga supplies. They often have excellent online specials.
Posemaniacs - A great site to practice figure drawing. Try the timed tutorials!
Dick Blick - Genuine anime cel acetate. Well, okay, it is American cartoon size acetate, but it is easy to cut down. Genga/layout plain paper in American cartoon size is also available (the reg holes are the same in both sizes). Best prices on Sakura Pigma Microns - the best alternative to inking with a G-pen and low cost Copic markers.
Jet Pens - The latest, greatest Japanese pens on the market. Home of the Tombo Mono Plastic Eraser - a staple for any mangaka. Place to order Pilot Nexo Eno Color Soft Blue Lead for drawing layouts and avoiding pencil lead smudges.

MORE JAPANESE STUFF - Some informative and fun sites to visit.

Tofugu - Amusing, witty and sometimes hysterical look at Japanese and Japanese life.
Japan Guide - Another general site about Japan.
Origami Crane Folding - Time for a little Japanese cultural experience!

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