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Loveless - Episode 4

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   Home/Change Series to explain Loveless. Ritsuka is a school boy whose older brother has been murdered. One day after school a handsome chain smoking art student bishie named Soubi appears and informs Ritsuka his dead brother Seime has essentially given ownership of Soubi to Ritsuka. Soubi is a fighter unit, and Ritsuka is his new Sacrifice. Soubi would be considered a perv in the real world, one who would no doubt be convicted of child stalking and put away. But, this is anime and no one seems to notice this hot bishie trying to get it on with a 12 year old, and I've said quite enough. The art is Yun Kouga so it is dreamy and gorgeous and the anime was entirely too short, leaving one with the NOW WHAT?! feeling of angst.

 Ritsuka Close Up

 Yuiko Upset


 Angry Ritsuka

 Still Angry

 Still Upset over the Jam

 Ritsuka and Sensei

 Midori & the Mango Green Tea Frappuccino

 Soubi Lights Up

 Soubi Asks for Punishment

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