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It had been a traumatic spring evening in Midori's living room. Just after dessert, I was sitting on the sofa with 20 pounds worth of Itoyas filled with Fushigi Yuugi cels to drool over, while my husband's eyes kept leaving their sockets once he realized the prices were in dollars, not in yen.

After watching Watership Down (the only show Midori had in English) and horrifying the children to the point of tears, Midori quickly popped in the DVD of one of her favorite anime - Rozen Maiden. At that point it didn't matter it was in Japanese without subs and I was "anti-dolly/cutsie" themed anime. My daughter quickly dried her eyes and was instantly captivated. She left that evening a hard core fan of both Ali Project (music) and Rozen Maiden.

I eventually overcame my anti-dolly anime feelings. Turns out Rozen Maiden is a delightful anime with dark overtones. Sweet on the outside and devious in the middle, and overall very enjoyable. Sounds like a nice glass of cabernet...I think it is time for a glass...

 Hina Ichgo Rilezu

 Stair Wars

 Hina Ichigo and Jun-kun






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