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I obtained a very entertaining collection of settei from Hunter x Hunter Greed Island. It arrived in a jumbled jigsaw puzzle mess, and after spending a good deal of time trying to decipher what I had purchased, I realized it included everything needed to create a group settei. Actually, everything needed to create 3 group settei for Hunter x Hunter - Greed Island OVA. After reorganizing the pile I discovered the group settei used for HxH Greed Island consisted of several "paper doll" cut outs obtained from existing settei, modified, reduced, touched up and rearranged on to a new piece of paper. This was copied, retouched, refined, height lines added, and voila original, unoriginal group settei. I was a little disappointed. I assumed some very good artists had always drawing group settei, not cut and pasted them!

Here, to my knowledge, is the process the artist used to get to the final version of the group settei based on the pile of papers I received. I left everything scanned without adjustments so you can see the details. Also, several of the images were at least 10 x 17 ". They did not stitch well, so I have scanned only what would fit onto the scanner in a single pass.

I welcome comments and suggestions if I am incorrect in any way! Thanks!

 1) Artist Gathers Info from Existing Settei

 2) Artist Gathers Info from Manga / Other Sources

 3) Creates Original Character Drawings

 4) Selecting Images to Use for Settei

 5) Modifying the Images

 6) Group Setting Height
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